Mobile IMG 20161025-140532

New mobile IMG update, Updated packages Newer libwayland then one available in Ubuntu repositories Experimental activity switcher applet You can flash using instructions at

Mobile IMG 20160930-021219

Weekly mobile IMG update, Which brings in following Updated kirgami Fixes for contact export from Google account. To add accounts from Google, first set the date. /system/bin/date -s YYYYMMDD.HHMMSS Open Settings -> Accounts -> Add account -> Google Login into your Google account and authenticate. Once authentication is done, it should import your contacts automatically. […]

New mobile IMG – 20160923-134224

Today’s weekly mobile IMG update brings, Updated packages New appstream release Kirigami based new discover design You can flash using instructions at

Mobile IMG – 20160825-142223

There is new mobile IMG update, this brings, Fix for task switcher bug that was causing task switcher to show in itself Commit in libhybris reverted which made screenshots to not work Other stability fixes You can flash using instructions at

PM IMG 20160819

A new mobile img is up at same place.. highlights.. – New wallpaper Bismuth celebrating Plasma 5.8 – Fixes for qtvirtualkeyboard integrated from knotifications and kwin – Fixes for brightness, which makes kwin not reset brightness to 100% – Default brightness set to 50% instead of 100%

Mobile IMG 20160812

This Friday, new mobile IMG – 20160812-160255 Featured change in this mobile image is.. Brightness handling : Phone now uses battery-monitor from desktop Other updated packages

New mobile IMG 20160727

Important fixes Now panel gets loaded properly in plasma Qtvirtualkeyboard not installed by default ot avoid freeze at startup

Mobile IMG update: 20160714

New weekly mobile IMG update, Short changes this time Fixed sound (You can now hear sitter! \o/) Updated packages Other qtvirtualkeyboard is packaged but not added in image by default since kwin crashes due to it.  apt install qtvirtualkeyboard to install it