Plasma Mobile Gear 21.06

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In this release following repositories are marked as unstable,

Some of this repositories are in process of kdereview, and will be marked stable in upcoming releases.


  • [share] Work around lack of implicit size in alternativesview. Commit.
  • Improve REUSE compliance. Commit.
  • [sharesheet] Remove height handling. Commit.
  • Fix appstream changelog format. Commit.
  • Add changes to appstream metadata. Commit.
  • Add reporting bugs section to readme. Commit.
  • Add issue template. Commit.
  • Flatpak: Regenerate sources. Commit.
  • Update crates. Commit.
  • Finish changing the appstream id. Commit.
  • Fix icon name in desktop file. Commit. Fixes bug #437344
  • Fix generation of Commit.
  • Change appstream id to org.kde.angelfish. Commit.
  • Implement web app manager. Commit.
  • Small optimizations to DesktopFileGenerator. Commit.
  • Small README fixes. Commit.
  • Metainfo: extend caption. Commit.
  • Flatpak: Update corrosion. Commit.
  • Update metadata. Commit.
  • Remove .arcconfig. Commit.
  • Update upstream metadata for version 21.06. Commit.
  • Improve the footer inline message. Commit.
  • Show events by default only on wide screens. Commit.
  • Limit visible columns on desktop. Commit.
  • Update Android icon file according to the svg one. Commit.
  • Add content rating to appdata. Commit.
  • Remove minSdk from AndroidManifest. Commit.
  • Build without DBus on Android. Commit.
  • Don't build calindac on Android. Commit.
  • Remove unused KService dependency. Commit.
  • Add 21.06 release information. Commit.
  • Add parenthese key bindings. Commit.
  • Use backspace icon rather than font. Commit.
  • Don't open drawer when application starts. Commit.
  • Add keyboard support to unit converter. Commit.
  • Add flatpak build options. Commit.
  • Add QtFeedback dependency explicitly. Commit.
  • Update repository icon. Commit.
  • Update Kalk icon. Commit.
  • Add flathub badge. Commit.
  • Enable qml debugging when compiled in debug mode. Commit.
  • Fix page transition. Commit.
  • Add screenshot to metadata. Commit.
  • Fix flatpak. Commit.
  • Update metadata. Commit.
  • New in this release
  • Appdata: add license back. Commit.
  • Use highlight for current sidebar tab. Commit.
  • Add 21.06 release information. Commit.
  • Cleanup behaviour of adding presets. Commit.
  • Remove ci binary build. Commit.
  • REUSE compliance. Commit.
  • Fix stopwatch vertical alignment. Commit.
  • Add ci. Commit.
  • Add qml debugging when building in debug mode. Commit.
  • Use consistent config location for presets. Commit.
  • Add timer presets. Commit.
  • Center time text delegates on timepage. Commit.
  • Add ability to increase timer duration by 1m after timer is created. Commit.
  • Add more space for timer circle in mobile. Commit.
  • Fix flatpak icon. Commit.
  • Fix null errors. Commit.
  • Remove unnecessary assets. Commit.
  • Add categories and provides to appdata. Commit.
  • Update flatpak manifest. Commit.
  • Update appdata. Commit.
  • Fix unnecessary text update. Commit.
  • Switch to timer from plasmacore datasource. Commit.
  • Fix multiple alarms ringing at the same time. Commit.
  • Update flatpak. Commit.
  • Chore: use PROJECT_VERSION variable to make scripting easier. Commit.
  • Chore: wappdata: add changelog for 21.06. Commit.
  • Feat: do not use QtWidgets on android and set platform style. Commit.
  • Chore: update appdata. Commit.
  • Feat!: respond to D-Bus activation. Commit.
  • Feat!: register Keysmith with D-Bus. Commit.
  • Chore: fixup SPDX copyright. Commit.
  • Fix: improve i18n for add account buttons. Commit.
  • Chore: simplify password unlocking via keyboard. Commit.
  • Chore: fix typo in debug logging statement. Commit.
  • Refactor: switch to page navigation from C++. Commit.
  • Refactor: proxy commandline arguments. Commit.
  • Refactor: introduce "view models". Commit.
  • Refactor: introduce store for application state. Commit.
  • Refactor: move property assignments to main.qml. Commit.
  • Refactor: UI (page) navigation from C++ code. Commit.
  • Refactor: port navigation to Kirigami.PageRouter. Commit.
  • Add bucktracker url. Commit.
  • Fix: handle spaces in Android environment script. Commit.
  • Add placeholder message when accounts list is empty. Commit.
  • Improve password form look. Commit.
  • Chore: code fixups suggested by static analysis. Commit.
  • Hack: bypass password challenge verification. Commit.
  • Chore: disable the NewDeleteLeaks clang analyzer check. Commit.
  • Fix: show an appropriate error when a provided password fails its challenge. Commit.
  • Fix!: guard against incorrect password inputs using an encrypted challenge. Commit.
  • Chore: further code cleanups suggested by clazy in the oath module. Commit.
  • Fix: oath::Encoder base clase should not be used via pointers and not via value types. Commit.
  • Chore: perform some code cleanups suggested by clazy. Commit.
  • Refactor: remove some duplicate mocking code, reuse existing fake random utility instead. Commit.
  • Chore: clean up use of string.h includes. Commit.
  • Chore: update SPDX copyright to include Carl Schwan. Commit.
  • Padding inline message. Commit.
  • Fix: make Kirigami relayout the unlock accounts page with proper word wrapping for the banner text. Commit.
  • Fix layout of UnlockAccounts page on mobile. Commit.
  • Fix: make Kirigami relayout the password setup page with proper word wrapping for the banner text. Commit.
  • Better keyboard navigation. Commit.
  • Refresh setup password screen. Commit.
  • Fix incorrect spacing between forms. Commit.
  • Fix mobile UI for addAccount page. Commit.
  • Feat!: bump minimum Qt version to Qt 5.15. Commit.
  • Fix: make sure to display password setup page again when appropriate. Commit.
  • Chore: add Nicolás to .gitlab-ci.yml copyright. Commit.
  • Ci: Add build dir as an artifact to keep static analysis working. Commit.
  • Refactor: let CMake manage the Android version string based on project version. Commit.
  • Feat: support Qt application version attribute. Commit.
  • Chore: bump Keysmith version to 0.2.1. Commit.
  • Fix!: upgrade to Qt 5.14. Commit.
  • Feat: support receiving a new account via otpauth:// URI from the commandline in the UI. Commit.
  • Feat: add actions to dismiss/cancel the add account form. Commit.
  • Feat: add a page to recover when an account turns out to be already used while adding it. Commit.
  • Feat: introduce a generic "error page" component. Commit.
  • Refactor: support validating account names without checking account availability. Commit.
  • Refactor: add support for ValidatedAccountInput being passed in from outside of the add account forms. Commit.
  • Feat: allow QML UI to reset a model::AccountInput object. Commit.
  • Feat: pick up on commandline options passed to Keysmith during start up. Commit.
  • Feat: add basic support for accepting otpauth:// URIs from the commandline. Commit.
  • Chore: prune a few CMakeLists.txt files. Commit.
  • Feat: add basic support for otpauth:// URI parameter model. Commit.
  • Feat: add basic support for otpauth:// URI parsing. Commit.
  • Chore: implement fixes suggested by static analysis. Commit.
  • Chore: implement fixes suggested by static analysis. Commit.
  • Refactor: use CONSTANT properties instead of a dummy signal. Commit.
  • Feat: enable static source code analysis in CI. Commit.
  • Fix: minor grammar error in Commit.
  • Feat: reduce apparent latency when re-computing tokens by computing the 'next' token in advance. Commit.
  • Chore: update to run full builds in Gitlab-CI not just on (Jenkins). Commit.
  • Fix: disable visually hidden "add account" action on the accounts overview page. Commit.
  • Fix: reduce memory consumption by re-using AccountView objects. Commit.
  • Feat: add support for QML debugging/profiling. Commit.
  • Refactor: simplify linking of the Keysmith application. Commit.
  • Refactor: add a way to set raw counter values on validated input model. Commit.
  • Fix: const-correctness when setting secret strings on validated input model. Commit.
  • Refactor: extract signal spying to a top-level autotest utility. Commit.
  • Feat: support configuring remaining TOTP token details. Commit.
  • Feat: support configuring remaining HOTP token details. Commit.
  • Feat: rework token details UX in add account form. Commit.
  • Refactor: prepare code for reworking account details when adding new accounts. Commit.
  • Refactor: rename unsigned integer parsing function. Commit.
  • Refactor: introduce model class to collate validated input from add account forms (flow). Commit.
  • Refactor: introduce custom datetime validator. Commit.
  • Refactor: extract common fixup() logic for name/issuer validators. Commit.
  • Refactor: adjust validator test macro to be able to inject arbitrary constructor parameters. Commit.
  • Refactor: prepare AccountStorage for more complex tokens. Commit.
  • Fix: make sure to actually return a null-valued QVariant() if the role is wrong. Commit.
  • Feat: Support configuring the issuer when adding a new account in Keysmith. Commit.
  • Feat: Add basic support for account 'issuer' in Keysmith. Commit.
  • Update upstream metadata for version 21.06. Commit.
  • Remove unused QtAndroidExtras dep. Commit.
  • Remove KService dependency. Commit.
  • Use QGuiApplication instead of QApplication where possible. Commit.
  • Use QGuiApplication on Android. Commit.
  • Build without DBus on Android. Commit.
  • Add release 21.05 notes. Commit.
  • Add 21.06 release information. Commit.
  • CMake cleanup. Commit.
  • Remove mimetype association from .desktop file. Commit.
  • Enable qml debugging when compiled in debug mode. Commit.
  • Remove debug message. Commit.
  • Use consistent bar heights and fix no volume not create bars. Commit.
  • Fix metadata. Commit.
  • Fixing Invalid desktop categories "Multimedia" into "AudioVideo;Audio". Commit.
  • Update flatpak manifest. Commit.
  • Update metadata. Commit.
  • Add flatpak manifest. Commit.
  • Update appdata. Commit.
  • Appdata: add xml version tag back. Commit.
  • Add 21.06 changelog. Commit.
  • Add Network category to desktop file. Commit.
  • Update appdata. Commit.
  • Elide text in departures delegate. Commit.
  • Remove AndroidX dep. Commit.
  • Actually configure version file. Commit.
  • Add Android version handling. Commit.
  • Add build.gradle. Commit.
  • Fix about page logo being unsharp. Commit.
  • Appstream: Adjust screenshot dimensions. Commit.
  • Add clang-format commit hook. Commit.
  • Run clang-format. Commit.
  • Also pass version to KAboutData. Commit.
  • Fix qml null errors. Commit.
  • Rework swipeview page indicator for FlatLocationForecast. Commit.
  • Add 21.06 release information. Commit.
  • Add max width to dynamic forecast. Commit.
  • Add wrap and elide to locations list; improve sizing. Commit.
  • Properly setup version. Commit.
  • Exclude plasmoid directory. Commit.
  • Don't use QtWidgets on android and set platform styles. Commit.
  • REUSE compliance. Commit.
  • Add CMake option to not build the plasmoid. Commit.
  • Use KAboutData data in the About Page. Commit.
  • Use resetModel() instead of layoutChanged(). Commit.
  • Unify settings. Commit.
  • Clean up CMake code. Commit.
  • Add reuse check to ci. Commit.
  • Make KWeatherSettings static library. Commit.
  • Enable qml debugging when compiled in debug mode. Commit.
  • Fix flatpak icon. Commit.
  • Add categories and provides to appdata. Commit.
  • Remove unnecessary flatpak dep. Commit.
  • Add input method support to appdata. Commit.
  • Update manifest since kquickcharts has been added to org.kde.Platform. Commit.
  • Update flatpak manifest. Commit.
  • Update appstream data. Commit.
  • Fix default page not being loaded when new locations are added. Commit.
  • Require KWeatherCore 0.3.0. Commit.
  • Stop caching. Commit.
  • Add bugtracking url. Commit.
  • Remove unnecessary version key from .desktop file. Commit.
  • Add screenshots. Commit.
  • Update metadata. Commit.
  • Clear location results when opening add location page. Commit.
  • Switch to Kirigami PagePool and add page transitions. Commit.
  • Fix display time. Commit.
  • Use toponymName instead of name for adding current location. Commit.
  • Add desktop refresh button and add reuseItems to LocationsPage. Commit.
  • Fix loading indicator spinning on top of search results. Commit.
  • Use more descriptive theme names. Commit.
  • Fix broken SetupWizard entry highlights. Commit.
  • Remove unnecessary code. Commit.
  • Unify config location. Commit.
  • Fix current weather icon missing in flat view. Commit.
  • Skip previous days when loading from cache. Commit.
  • Smooth Location drag animation. Commit.
  • Fix LocationsPage dispaly. Commit.
  • Add KWeatherCore as dependency to readme. Commit.
  • Pad trailing zero for temperature. Commit.
  • Rebase. Commit.
  • Rebase to master. Commit.
  • UI adjustments. Commit.
  • Simplify LocationQuery. Commit.
  • Rebase to master and switch to KWeatherCore. Commit.
  • Switch to KWeatherCore. Commit.
  • Rebase WeatherLocation to master and switch to KWeatherCore. Commit.
  • Remove unused file. Commit.
  • WeatherDayModel to KWeatherCore. Commit.
  • WeatherDay and WeatherHour now inherit KWeatherCore classes. Commit.
  • Change KWeatherCore version. Commit.
  • Change with KWeatherCore changes. Commit.
  • Update and chart fixes. Commit.
  • Add locationquery. Commit.
  • Try to make this compile. Commit.
  • Locationlistmodel. Commit.
  • Partial ported WeatherLocation. Commit.
  • WeatherHour/Model uses libkweather. Commit.
  • Unify temperature display function. Commit.
  • Port WeatherDay/Model. Commit.
  • Test libkweather. Commit.
  • Appdata: add changelog for 21.06. Commit.
  • Don't use C++20 deprecated implict this captures. Commit.
  • Require CMake 3.16. Commit.
  • Add QML files to license check. Commit.
  • Add outbound license check. Commit.
  • Properly handle overflow dialer numbers. Commit.
  • Use light weight font for dialpad numbers. Commit.
  • Horizontally align voicemail icon on dialpad. Commit.
  • Always call the app "Phone" not "Dialer". Commit.
  • Fix crash if used with wrong UCM. Commit. Fixes bug #437879
  • Add Commit.
  • Callaudio: get rid of name based heuristics for finding ports. Commit.
  • Callaudio: port to newer card->sinks/sources API. Commit.
  • Don't set volume to 0. Commit.
  • Depend on pulseaudio-qt >= 1.3. Commit.
  • Audio: port audio handling to pulseaudio-qt. Commit.
  • Allow muting yourself. Commit.
  • Support enabling speaker. Commit.
  • Add categories to .desktop file. Commit.
  • Never try to send + as a DTMF tone. Commit.
  • Properly insert + on holding 0. Commit.
  • Rename file in repo itself, no need to rename at install time. Commit.
  • Apply 1 suggestion(s) to 1 file(s). Commit.
  • Add AppStream metadata. Commit.
  • Add urgency levels for notifications. Commit.
  • Show voicemail icon under 1 key. Commit.
  • Fix typo: dev -> revs. Commit.
  • Improve license statements. Commit.
  • Replace Kirigami DelegateRecycler with Qt's own. Commit.
  • Fix QML errors while in call. Commit.
  • Require Qt 5.15. Commit.
  • Add contact picture to call view. Commit.
  • Show contact name instead of number during call. Commit.
  • Initialize stuff in header. Commit.
  • Make ContactMapper a singleton. Commit.
  • Add clang-format commit hook. Commit.
  • Add git blame ignore revs file. Commit.
  • Clang-format the codebase. Commit.
  • Show contact name and photo in call notification. Commit.
  • Extract contactmapper into lib. Commit.
  • Use libphonenumber to normalize numbers. Commit.
  • Remove dead code. Commit.
  • Add appstream changelog for 21.06. Commit.
  • Update license in AppStream info. Commit.
  • Remove lib/ subfolder. Commit.
  • Replace Kirigami DelegateRecycler with upstream item recycling. Commit.
  • Consistently use Phonebook instead of Phone Book. Commit.
  • Remove call action from contacts list. Commit.
  • Add clang-format commit hook. Commit.
  • Run clang-format. Commit.
  • Port from QtQuick.Dialogs to QFileDialog. Commit.
  • Re-add support for calling/texting multiple numbers. Commit.
  • Don't highlight item on kcm list page when first opened. Commit.
  • [modules/maliit] Simplify CMake code. Commit.
  • Update Flatpak to 5.15 runtime. Commit.
  • Clean up CMake code. Commit.
  • Add clang-format commit hook. Commit.
  • Run clang-format. Commit.
  • Add trailing commas. Commit.
  • Add .clang-format to gitignore. Commit.
  • Add missing license texts. Commit.
  • Cellularnetwork: add placeholder text. Commit.
  • Cellularnetwork: use value insteadof currentText. Commit.
  • Cellularnetwork: proper values for the combobox. Commit.
  • Move component at top, so that FormLayout is last component. Commit.
  • Cellularnetwork: add context management. Commit.
  • Make plasma-settings build without using deprecated Qt APIs. Commit.
  • Appdata: add changelog for 21.06. Commit.
  • Search for qmltermwidget. Commit.
  • Add appstream changelog for 21.06. Commit.
  • Allow to copy messages to clipboard. Commit.
  • Make links clickable. Commit.
  • Support sms: protocol links. Commit.
  • Disable GitLab CI. Commit.
  • Make some things const. Commit.
  • Simplify regex handling. Commit.
  • Warn when trying to text premium SMS numbers. Commit.
  • Sort chat list by last contacted so most recent chat is always at the top. Commit.
  • New in this release