Plasma Mobile Gear 22.02

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In this release following repositories are marked as unstable,

Following independently released modules are also part of gear,

Some of this repositories are in process of kdereview, and will be marked stable in upcoming releases.


  • Angelfish-webapp: Make sure to find the notification config file. Commit.
  • Update rust crates. Commit.
  • HACK: Add workaround for Phosh so we at least don't display the desktop. Commit.
  • Adblock: Don't trust the filter list hosts to return proper file names. Commit.
  • UserAgent: Use a better default for isMobile. Commit.
  • Desktop: Disable horizontal scrollbar in list view. Commit.
  • Desktop: Fix dropdown override dialog. Commit.
  • Desktop: Allow loading sheets. Commit.
  • Desktop: Wrap history popup ListView in a ScrollView. Commit.
  • Desktop: Disallow html injection in list items. Commit.
  • Show a popup when the URL bar is focused. Commit.
  • Desktop: fix some issues with the bookmarks page. Commit.
  • Desktop: Add find in page feature. Commit.
  • Desktop: Allow opening / closing the developer tools. Commit.
  • Desktop: Allow adding webapps. Commit.
  • Flatpak: Update corrosion. Commit.
  • Update rust crates. Commit.
  • Mobile: Use titles style and single back button. Commit.
  • Set desktop file name. Commit.
  • Settings: adblock: Add refresh button in addition to touch gesture. Commit.
  • Mobile: Use tab-close instead of window-close. Commit.
  • Settings: Fix reference error. Commit.
  • Update appstream metadata with desktop screenshot. Commit.
  • Fix another QStringBuilder bug. Commit.
  • Fix crash with new compiler settings. Commit.
  • Bump minimum frameworks version to 5.90. Commit.
  • Make angelfish compatible with new compiler settings. Commit.
  • Simplify navigation logic. Commit.
  • Add title to general settings. Commit.
  • Use same settings infrastructure on mobile and desktop. Commit.
  • Unify settings on mobile and desktop. Commit.
  • Mobile: Move general settings away from overview. Commit.
  • Mobile: Move adblock switch to settings. Commit.
  • Desktop: Use same url validation that we use for mobile. Commit.
  • Desktop: Limit width of the url bar. Commit.
  • Adblock: Fix wrong check. Commit.
  • Implement desktop UI. Commit.
  • Make adblock generated css rules override ones from the website. Commit.
  • Fix displaying the page title in the tab switcher. Commit.
  • Fix developer tools. Commit.
  • Update ytmusicapi. Commit.
  • Minor readme and gitignore updates. Commit.
  • Replace .license files with entries in dep5. Commit.
  • Fix typo in requirements.txt. Commit.
  • Flatpak: Update yt-dlp. Commit.
  • Update tested ytmusicapi version to 0.19.5. Commit.
  • Fix calendar deletion and editing. Commit.
  • Fix CI attempt. Commit.
  • Update CMakeLists.txt. Commit.
  • Use QStringLiteral and Q_EMIT. Commit.
  • Update CI. Commit.
  • Update metadata. Commit.
  • Remove redundant files, use Kirigami.Dialog for confirmation. Commit.
  • Use pagestack navigation and remove layer uses. Commit.
  • Rework page actions to be in toolbar. Commit.
  • Rework sidebar navigation and move calendar edits to settings page. Commit.
  • Update README. Commit.
  • Add repository icon. Commit.
  • Make LocalCalendar's calendar property a read-only raw pointer. Commit.
  • Partly port from passing around calendar instance to using the CalendarController singleton. Commit.
  • Expose active calendar in CalendarController. Commit.
  • Make CalendarController a C++ singleton. Commit.
  • Make CalindoriConfig a C++ singleton. Commit.
  • Update org.kde.kalk.desktop. Commit.
  • Add Keywords for org.kde.kalk.desktop. Commit.
  • Fix second row of calculation page positioning. Commit.
  • Move opening history page to calculation page action. Commit.
  • Improve font size calculation. Commit.
  • Add blue ocean highlight style on keys. Commit.
  • Ensure window fits on phone landscape. Commit.
  • Ensure that window fits on phone screens. Commit.
  • Reduced keypad and font size. Commit.
  • Apply 1 suggestion(s) to 1 file(s). Commit.
  • Unit converter page keypad and font size change. Commit.
  • Calculation page and binary page keypad and font size change. Commit.
  • Hard coding number of columns in Function Pad. Commit.
  • Text overflow in button fix. Commit.
  • Set minimum height. Commit.
  • Rearranged trigonometric functions to be together. Commit.
  • Update to KF89. Commit.
  • Add display length to metadata. Commit.
  • Re-enable icons for gpodder and nextcloud. Commit.
  • Avoid overflow on slider bar on very long podcasts. Commit.
  • Optimize placement of mobile player image and title for landscape mode. Commit.
  • Optimize placement of info messages (take into account sync message). Commit.
  • Optimize placement of info and error messages. Commit.
  • Don't attempt to change globaldrawer properties if it's not loaded yet. Commit.
  • Keep fetching episode actions until we get the current timestamp. Commit.
  • Apply Kirigami Theme color for TextEdit explicitly. Commit.
  • Fix incorrect timezone add order. Commit.
  • Ensure kclockd is always up before the program executes. Commit.
  • Update org.kde.kclock.desktop. Commit.
  • Reconnect signals if kclockd was not up. Commit.
  • Fix alarm ring duration display. Commit.
  • Fix alarms not working on pinephone. Commit.
  • Fix list delegate dragging. Commit.
  • Fix warnings and layers. Commit.
  • Use page stack instead of layers for gestures. Commit.
  • Move from sheet to full page for add location component. Commit.
  • Cleanup timers and add animations. Commit.
  • Add separate edit and add views for time page. Commit.
  • Remove unused code in kclockformat. Commit.
  • Add time format setting and remove alarm volume. Commit.
  • Add list separator and refactor sound page. Commit.
  • Fix wrong padding on sidebar when different qqc2 themes are used. Commit.
  • Add auto generated files to .gitignore. Commit.
  • Fix infinite loop in kclockd. Commit.
  • Fix audio not playing in sound picker if radio button is checked. Commit.
  • Fix sound picker and displayed text. Commit.
  • Fix sound picker margins. Commit.
  • Fix comparison. Commit.
  • Add proper sound selection support for alarms. Commit.
  • Use Dialog for timezone sheet. Commit.
  • Rework alarm list page to have an edit mode. Commit.
  • Fix snooze length not being reset. Commit.
  • Start snooze only after the snooze button is pressed. Commit.
  • Add in-app alarm dialog when ringing. Commit.
  • Check timer form duration buttons if the value is the same. Commit.
  • Use Kirigami.Dialog for timer form. Commit.
  • Fix missing license header. Commit.
  • Refactor kclockd alarms and QML, and add snooze length + ring length settings per alarm. Commit.
  • Reorganize qml files. Commit.
  • Add sound picker component. Commit.
  • Refactor and update code to update KF5 dependency to 5.89. Commit.
  • Switch to Kirigami.Dialog. Commit.
  • QML cleanup and remove replace uses of appwindow with applicationWindow(). Commit.
  • Update metadata. Commit.
  • Fix lightened screenshots. Commit.
  • Fix wrong DBus object name. Commit.
  • Reduce default size of main window. Commit.
  • Focus password field by default on launch. Commit.
  • Adapt unit test to the by now expired sample certificate. Commit.
  • Attempt to fix the Windows build. Commit.
  • Update certificates and data files. Commit.
  • Add auto generated files to .gitignore. Commit.
  • Add fileinfo basic tests and enable ci. Commit.
  • Raise window on activation. Commit.
  • Ensure that export message is always shown. Commit.
  • Add dialog opening delay when opened from context menu. Commit.
  • Ensure context menu only opens with a mouse. Commit.
  • Fix dialogs closing immediately when opened from context menus. Commit.
  • Remove recordings that don't exist. Commit.
  • Fix row insert signal. Commit.
  • Swap discard and save button locations. Commit.
  • Fix AndroidManifest.xml. Commit.
  • Capture mouse events behind menu. Commit.
  • Add edit mode and right click context menu. Commit.
  • Make REUSE compliant and add check to ci. Commit.
  • Add kcoreaddons to .kde-ci.yml. Commit.
  • Fix recording component not loading. Commit.
  • Refactor recording model and use proper QAbstractListModel. Commit.
  • Add KAboutData. Commit.
  • Update to KF89. Commit.
  • Add auto generated files to .gitignore. Commit.
  • Update metadata with display length. Commit.
  • Fix APK creation. Commit.
  • Make KTrip fully REUSE compliant. Commit.
  • Use the new KI18n country localization API. Commit.
  • Remove duplicate entry from .gitignore. Commit.
  • Update org.kde.kweather.desktop. Commit.
  • Move side bar functions to the toolbar and setting minimum window size. Commit.
  • Fix current weather being updated with selected day changing. Commit.
  • Update README. Commit.
  • Update metadata description and screenshot. Commit.
  • Remove kquickcharts dep from CI. Commit.
  • Don't recreate config group when saving last room. Commit.
  • Don't crash on empty creation event. Commit.
  • Implement sharing with Purpose (export). Commit.
  • Use ellipsis in «Loading…» strings. Commit.
  • Implement adding labels for account. Commit.
  • Immediately apply leave/join event setting. Commit.
  • Fix left margin in EncryptedDelegate. Commit.
  • Set empty state key for room avatar change events. Commit.
  • Give settings window a title. Commit.
  • Reduce minimum height of the window. Commit.
  • Modernize code to activate window on user activation. Commit.
  • Use the x-kde-origin-name notification hint to pass the account name to push notifications. Commit.
  • Fix build with qcoro 0.4. Commit.
  • Change X-GNOME-SingleWindow key to SingleMainWindow. Commit.
  • Don't set cmake policy when using libquotient 0.7. Commit.
  • Set bugs url. Commit.
  • Raise windows also on other platforms. Commit.
  • Fix issues with saveFileAs. Commit.
  • Changed "Settings" to "Configure NeoChat" in menu. Commit.
  • Fix variable lookup in the timeline delegates. Commit.
  • Improve toolbar on mobile. Commit.
  • Ifdef version for compatibility with our minimal required version. Commit.
  • Improve emoji pane. Commit.
  • Check if password can be changed. Commit.
  • Fix image tooltip. Commit.
  • Expose hiddent GUI option. Commit.
  • Adapt list setting pages to new style. Commit.
  • Allow using ESC to go back to room list. Commit.
  • Port away from QNetworkConfigurationManager. Commit.
  • Fix reuse issue. Commit.
  • Remove lag when starting user autocompletion. Commit.
  • Set single window hint in desktop file. Commit.
  • Make room address selectable. Commit.
  • Display monochrome icon in tray. Commit.
  • Fix QuickSwitcher activation. Commit.
  • Fix Windows/mac build. Commit.
  • Revert "Add CI for FreeBSD". Commit.
  • Fix notifications on Android. Commit.
  • Add CI for FreeBSD. Commit.
  • Support raising when we receive a notification. Commit.
  • Remove unused function. Commit.
  • Use a reasonable role for message source. Commit.
  • Minor improvements. Commit.
  • Don't connect to something that isn't a signal. Commit.
  • Refactor delegates. Commit.
  • Remove dead code. Commit.
  • Don't render html in RoomDrawer heading. Commit.
  • Add support for minimizing to system tray on startup. Commit.
  • Use non blocking passord reading. Commit.
  • Add a mobile oriented context menu for the room list. Commit.
  • Fix loading room settings on mobile. Commit.
  • Use icon from qrc for system tray icon. Commit.
  • Adapt to libQuotient API change. Commit.
  • Prevent instability with TextArea with null as background. Commit.
  • [kde-telephony-daemon] Pause media players on incoming call. Commit.
  • [plasma-dialer] Support choosing of phone number via contacts. Commit.
  • [kde-telephony-plugin-declarative] ContactUtils: introduce phoneNumbers. Commit.
  • [plasma-dialer] Return to dialer page after a call. Commit.
  • [kde-telephony-daemon] Restore audio profiles switching. Commit.
  • [plasma-dialer] Introduce promt dialog to clear history. Commit.
  • Update KF5 minimal version. Commit.
  • Add settings and about pages, and improve page navigation. Commit.
  • Update sidebar button style to plasma style. Commit.
  • Remove unneeded X-Plasma* definitions in json metadata. Commit.
  • Remove unneeded EnabledByDefault definitions in json metadata. Commit.
  • Remove unneeded X-KDE-ParentApp definitions in json metadata. Commit.
  • Remove unneeded ServiceType definitions in json metadata. Commit.
  • Remove unneeded plugin ids from json metadata. Commit.
  • Module: Output warning if one tries to set the path to an invalid metadata object. Commit.
  • Module: Add name property for source code compat of plasma-bigscreen. Commit.
  • Revert "Revert "Port KCM querying from KPackageLoader to KPluginMetaData"". Commit.
  • De-duplicate metadata for KPackages & convert files to json. Commit.
  • [vkbd] Improve FormLayout titles, add text wrapping and keyboard testing. Commit.
  • Properly define the spacing and padding in the sidebar. Commit.
  • Add repository icon. Commit.
  • Fix module activation. Commit.
  • Add search, titles toolbar style, and a widescreen sidebar. Commit.
  • Rework app navigation to use NavigationTabBar. Commit.
  • Fix tab index not updating properly. Commit.
  • Fix terminal text input focus being stolen at startup. Commit.
  • Add repository icon. Commit.
  • Fix tab deletion. Commit.
  • Ensure implicitWidth is factored in for ctrl and alt keys. Commit.
  • Fix swipeview interaction. Commit.
  • Re-implement dragging and selection mode with handlers. Commit.
  • Simplify code. Commit.
  • Revert accidental change to CMakeLists.txt. Commit.
  • Add support for modifier keys (ctrl and alt). Commit.
  • Fix failed assert when messaging non-contact. Commit.
  • PhoneNumber: Store string if the number was not valid. Commit.
  • Add gitlab CI. Commit.
  • Refactor text input and make buttons slightly larger. Commit.
  • Remove unneeded semicolon. Commit.
  • Fix mobile sidebar handle icon, and show sidebar toggle on desktop. Commit.
  • Update org.kde.tokodon.desktop - sed -i 's/SocialMedia/X-SocialMedia/g'. Commit.
  • Fix uploading files. Commit.
  • Add opt-in option to see detailed posts stats. Commit.
  • Const-ify more stuff. Commit.
  • Fix removing accounts. Commit.
  • Cmake: Correct minimum required version to fix ecm warning. Commit.
  • Don't allow removing login page. Commit.
  • Don't allow posting empty post. Commit.
  • Account: Replace raw ptrs with shared_ptr. Commit.
  • Fix some clazy warnings. Commit.
  • AuthorizationPage: Don't allow to continue with empty token. Commit.
  • AuthorizationPage: Continue on enter pressed. Commit.
  • AuthorizationPage: Use correct cursor when hovering link. Commit.
  • LoginPage: Don't allow to continue with empty username/instance url. Commit.
  • LoginPage: Jump to next field on enter. Commit.
  • Gitignore: Add CMakeLists.txt.user and compile_commands.json. Commit.