Plasma Mobile Gear 22.04

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In this release following repositories are marked as unstable,

Some of this repositories are in process of kdereview, and will be marked stable in upcoming releases.


  • Add ki18n_install. Commit.
  • Add Windows CI. Commit.
  • Don't use contextProperty to make KAboutData available on QML. Commit.
  • Use "#pragma once". Commit.
  • Add ki18n_install. Commit.
  • Update rust crates. Commit.
  • Webapp: Create desktop files with Type=Application. Commit.
  • Update adblock crate to 0.5. Commit.
  • Regenerate flatpak sources. Commit.
  • Update to adblock 0.4. Commit.
  • Desktop: Expose Downloads. Commit.
  • Add ki18n_install. Commit.
  • Flatpak: Update urllib. Commit.
  • Update ytmusicapi to 0.21.0. Commit.
  • MultiIterableView: Add convinience std::vector constructor. Commit.
  • Power search page list sections. Commit.
  • Simplify std::sort use. Commit.
  • MultiIterableView: Add documentation. Commit.
  • Fix some implicit this captures. Commit.
  • MultiIterableView: Generalize by using std::span. Commit.
  • ArtistModel: Simplify use of MultiIterableView. Commit.
  • MultiIterableView: Refactor into an actual view type. Commit.
  • MultiIterableView: Try to make code easier to understand. Commit.
  • Flatpak: Update pybind11. Commit.
  • Add qtquickcompiler to speed up launch times. Commit.
  • Ensure theme fallback to kde style on non-Plasma sessions. Commit.
  • Update WeekPage.qml - Fix capitalization consistency with other pages (e.g. "Show Completed" on Task page). Commit.
  • Add ki18n_install. Commit.
  • Add clang format. Commit.
  • Check size before pop. Commit.
  • Disallow double - or +. Commit.
  • Appdata: Remove duplicated metadata_license. Commit.
  • Don't use contextProperty to make KAboutData available on QML. Commit.
  • Add qtquickcompiler to speed up launch time. Commit.
  • Ensure there is fallback to kde theme if none is set. Commit.
  • Use undeprecated install dirs. Commit.
  • Add ki18n_install. Commit.
  • Add windows CI. Commit.
  • Enable highdpi scaling. Commit.
  • List the package names on debian. Commit.
  • Show loading notification and add keywords to desktop file. Commit.
  • Keep unreadEntryCount cached instead of getting it from DB everytime. Commit.
  • Set QT_ENABLE_GLYPH_CACHE_WORKAROUND=1 if it is not set. Commit.
  • Port to Kirigami.Dialog. Commit.
  • Add Qt6 CI. Commit.
  • Port alarm playing to Qt6. Commit.
  • Fix comparing QVariants in Qt6. Commit.
  • Port applet away from deprecated things. Commit.
  • Use proper install dirs. Commit.
  • Adapt build system to Qt6. Commit.
  • Use undeprecated install dirs. Commit.
  • Add ki18n_install. Commit.
  • Fix next queued wakeup not being scheduled with wait worker thread. Commit.
  • Fix wait worker thread scheduling infinite wakeups due to timerfd behaviour with max numeric_limits. Commit.
  • Fix kclockd CLI arguments. Commit.
  • Cleanup kclockd worker threads, and fix list removal out of bounds. Commit.
  • Don't use contextProperty to make KAboutData available on QML. Commit.
  • Use qtquickcompiler to speed up launch times. Commit.
  • Add org.freedesktop.portal.Background support for Flatpak. Commit.
  • Fix SettingsModel call. Commit.
  • Switch context properties to singletons. Commit.
  • Use KDE widget style if possible when not on plasma. Commit.
  • Remove automatic kclockd shutdown to due client issues. Commit.
  • Add automatic version string to kclockd. Commit.
  • Add timer popup when ringing. Commit.
  • Refactor timers and added ringing property. Commit.
  • Ensure alarms do not ring after deletion. Commit.
  • Cleanup and refactor to improve kclockd code quality. Commit.
  • Use consistent numbering style for time page delegates. Commit.
  • Update copyright year. Commit.
  • Remove minSdk from Android manifest. Commit.
  • Use undeprecated install dirs. Commit.
  • Require unit tests to pass for the CI to pass. Commit.
  • Add basic support for domestic Danish COVID certificates. Commit.
  • Add Qt6 CI. Commit.
  • Port away from deprecated datetime enums. Commit.
  • Remove unused ImageDocument class. Commit.
  • Port away from deprecated QStandardPaths enums. Commit.
  • Adapt build system to Qt6. Commit.
  • Add ki18n_install. Commit.
  • Add ki18n_install. Commit.
  • Don't use contextProperty to make KAboutData available on QML. Commit.
  • Add qtquickcompiler to speed up launch times. Commit.
  • Ensure we use kde theme as fallback on non-Plasma sessions. Commit.
  • Update copyright year. Commit.
  • Remove unused ProgressCircle.qml. Commit.
  • Use Kirigami Dialog instead of local implementation. Commit.
  • Refactor Settings dialogs into separate component. Commit.
  • Fix: show mmHg when using that setting. Commit.
  • Add ki18n_install. Commit.
  • Use qtquickcompiler to speed up application launching. Commit.
  • Ensure there is fallback to kde theme if none is set. Commit.
  • Use undeprecated install dirs. Commit.
  • Fix mis-aligned user messages. Commit.
  • Require passing tests on CI. Commit.
  • Close WelcomePage after account is loaded. Commit.
  • Disable busyindicator. Commit.
  • Fix REUSE check on CI. Commit.
  • Don't try to load more messages than there are in the timeline. Commit.
  • More typing notification improvements. Commit.
  • Try fixing stuck read notifications. Commit.
  • Add ki18n_install. Commit.
  • Fix link. Commit.
  • Add Windows CI. Commit.
  • Fix condition to build runner. Commit.
  • Add rooms runner. Commit.
  • Show subtitle text without markdown. Commit.
  • Set preferredWidth and preferredHeight of images. Commit.
  • Revert "Show RoomList when cached state is loaded". Commit.
  • Lower typing notification timeouts. Commit.
  • Force RoomListDelegate to use plaintext. Commit.
  • Disable the BusyIndicator. Commit.
  • Apply 1 suggestion(s) to 1 file(s). Commit.
  • Make invitation notifications persistent. Commit.
  • Don't apply autocompletion when autocomplete list is empty. Commit.
  • Show RoomList when cached state is loaded. Commit.
  • Add nicer delegate message for widget events. Commit.
  • Fix quitting without tray icon. Commit.
  • Prepare Image & Video loading for E2EE. Commit.
  • Aggregate similar state events. Commit.
  • Don't load backlog until read marker. Commit.
  • Fix login regex. Commit.
  • Modifies regex check for valid matrix server to accept ip addresses. Commit.
  • Wraps the checkbox text for messages on the right to wrap on mobile devices (PinePhone). Commit.
  • Wraps the quick edit checkbox using workaround. Commit.
  • The component of QtCoro5 is called Core and not Coro ;). Commit.
  • Uses the formatted message to enable clickable links for mobile. Commit.
  • Load replied-to message when it isn't in the timeline already. Commit.
  • Port away from CMake deprecation. Commit.
  • Fix issue with clear image button. Will only be visible if the user has an avatar (local or saved). Commit.
  • Allow disabling notification inline reply. Commit.
  • Use Quotient's NetworkAccessManager in QML. Commit.
  • Remove unneeded parameter. Commit.
  • Make user colors update when colortheme changes. Commit.
  • SingleMainWindow is a part of XDG SPEC version 1.5 and bogus on 1.0. Commit.
  • Add ki18n_install. Commit.
  • Kde-telephony-daemon: port to callaudio. Commit.
  • Notification: connect to activation after setting actions. Commit.
  • [plasma-dialer] Improve dialpad call button scaling. Commit.
  • [plasma-dialer] Fix sidebar init regression. Commit.
  • [plasma-dialer] Refactor toolbar and sidebar switch. Commit.
  • [plasma-dialer] Fix "clear history" dialog height logic. Commit.
  • [plasma-dialer] Reorganize and cleanup QML files. Commit.
  • [plasma-dialer] BottomToolbar QML cleanup. Commit.
  • [plasma-dialer] Replace uses of appwindow with applicationWindow(). Commit.
  • [plasma-dialer] Fix misaligned sidebar header with different fonts. Commit.
  • [plasma-dialer] Improve interaction with in-call dialpad. Commit.
  • Rename kpackage to kcm_mobile_virtualkeyboard. Commit.
  • [cellularnetwork] Use Kirigami.Dialog and mobile form style. Commit.
  • Add ki18n_install. Commit.
  • Rename the virtual keyboard kcm to On-Screen keyboard. Commit.
  • [powermanagement] Ensure KConfigWatcher is notified on save. Commit.
  • [powermanagement] Ensure config is set so screen is locked when dpms off. Commit.
  • Fix mobile scrolling and make quick scroll buttons larger. Commit.
  • Add ki18n_install. Commit.
  • Update app section description. Commit.
  • Minor tweaks to UI. Commit.
  • Fix duplicate action trigger for message send. Commit.
  • Mark incoming messages as read for open chat conversations. Commit.
  • Make links in messages clickable/touchable part 2 (#47). Commit.
  • Make links in messages clickable/touchable (#47). Commit.
  • Refactor contact selection and implement support for choosing of phone number via contacts. Commit.
  • Generate random Id for sent messages rather than using the modem message path... Commit.
  • Add notification setting options to hide/show the sender and the message content. Commit.
  • Refactor the add attachment layout. Commit.
  • Keyboard shortcut for sending message with "ctrl+enter". Commit.
  • Change header style to toolbar, flatten app navigation, and minor UI improvements. Commit.
  • Update project url. Commit.
  • Simplify navigation button. Commit.
  • Fix fetching statues from account with id > 32 bits. Commit.
  • Unify AccountModel and TimelineModel fetchMore() logic. Commit.
  • Better handle own account in profile view. Commit.
  • Fix general page missing title. Commit.
  • Fix copy paste issue. Commit.
  • Improve desktop mode. Commit.
  • Improve REUSE compliance. Commit.
  • Add ki18n_install. Commit.
  • Fix minor typo. Commit.
  • Implement more account actions. Commit.
  • Improve look of the personal fields. Commit.
  • Fix profile fieds. Commit.
  • Fix time representation for hours and minutes < 10. Commit.
  • Use qint64 for account id. Commit.
  • Attach "Follow" button to a corresponding network request. Commit.
  • Silent i18n warning about empty string. Commit.
  • [appstream] Add screenshots. Commit.
  • Add tooltips to toot-composer option buttons. Commit.
  • Make new toot visibility icon match user choice. Commit.
  • Add logo for gitlab. Commit.
  • Add ki18n_install. Commit.
  • Extract full page raster images in PDFs as well. Commit.