Plasma Mobile Gear 22.06

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In this release following repositories are marked as unstable,

Some of this repositories are in process of kdereview, and will be marked stable in upcoming releases.

Following new repository is also added in this release,

Following independantly released module is also included in this release,


  • Update rust crates. Commit.
  • Desktop: Decrease default window size. Commit.
  • Fix raising window on Wayland. Commit.
  • Update rust crates. Commit.
  • Update rust crates. Commit.
  • Allow to hide tab bar when there is a single tab. Commit.
  • PlaybackHistory: Load album covers asynchronously. Commit.
  • Fix crash on exit. Commit.
  • Remove QT_QML_DEBUG. Commit.
  • Fix opening the 'Leoniden' artist page. Commit.
  • Use std::invoke_result_t to simplify template code. Commit.
  • Fix up previous commit. Commit.
  • Allow to show all favourites / history as a list. Commit.
  • Display AudioTube label just on mobile, and move the search bar back to the center. Commit.
  • App header: Move search bar to side, add app header, add search button for mobile. Commit.
  • Add loading indicator to minimized bar when loading track. Commit.
  • Crop album art to square. Commit.
  • Asyncdatabase: Remove unused includes. Commit.
  • Asyncdatabase: Move parseRows into private API. Commit.
  • Show mini progress bar when there is no space for the full one. Commit.
  • Asyncdatabase: Fix mistake in concept checks. Commit.
  • Remove remove action from most viewed. Commit.
  • Asyncdatabase: Use concepts to define the interface of types that can be deserialized from SQL. Commit.
  • Revamp media player UI. Commit.
  • Make database query result deserialization more automatic. Commit.
  • Update ytmusicapi to 0.22.0. Commit.
  • Library: Create database directory before opening database. Commit.
  • Asyncdatabase: Log error if database could not be opened. Commit.
  • Fix background color of the search popup. Commit.
  • Asyncdatabase: Move as much as possible out of the header. Commit.
  • Run migrations in a transaction. Commit.
  • Improve layout of the search popup. Commit.
  • Add library feature. Commit.
  • Use proper reuse CI job. Commit.
  • Show decimal separator according to locale. Commit.
  • Move config include to header. Commit.
  • Fix ',' input bug. Commit.
  • Fix padding and icon of sync password dialog. Commit.
  • Re-enable images in sync password dialog. Commit.
  • Make width of error list a bit wider to better see contents. Commit.
  • Change default new podcast URL into placeholderText. Commit.
  • [Sync] Handle multiple entries having the same enclosure url. Commit.
  • Re-arrange mobile player and add extra row for toolbuttons. Commit.
  • Update appdata for upcoming release. Commit.
  • Add capability to define custom gpodder server. Commit. Implements feature #454674
  • Continue update of episodes even if gpodder server is unavailable. Commit.
  • Port away from deprecated mainItem on ScrollablePage. Commit.
  • Improve gammarayability of EntriesModel & FeedsModel. Commit.
  • Add missing icons to src/CMakeLists.txt. Commit.
  • Properly apply version to AndroidManifest. Commit.
  • Adjust time left on episodes according to current playback rate. Commit. Implements feature #452135
  • Update appdata for 22.06 release. Commit.
  • Refactor feed update routine to allow for entry, enclosure, authors and chapter updates. Commit. Fixes bug #446158
  • Add action to episode details page to go to the episode list for that subscription. Commit.
  • Use multithreading for feed updates (using ThreadWeaver). Commit. Fixes bug #452585
  • Add new episodes to queue in ascending chronological order. Commit.
  • Use embedded image in id3v2tag as fallback. Commit.
  • Show refresh actions also on mobile. Commit.
  • Decrease minimum window height. Commit.
  • Update copyright date to 2022. Commit.
  • Use include instead of forward decl for property types. Commit.
  • Fix KAboutData include. Commit.
  • Adapt build system to Qt6. Commit.
  • Do not process "other" fields before checking if entry already exists. Commit.
  • Use proper reuse CI job. Commit.
  • Port to standard Android version handling. Commit.
  • Modernize window activation code. Commit.
  • Use proper gitlab CI jobs. Commit.
  • It seems that version was not updated. Commit.
  • Fix find Qt. Commit.
  • Add Qt6 and Qt6 Android CI. Commit.
  • Build with LibreSSL as well. Commit.
  • Look for and use only the part of OpenSSL we actually need. Commit.
  • Allow to build against qt6. Commit.
  • Use proper reuse CI job. Commit.
  • Simplify window activation code. Commit.
  • Always raise window on activation. Commit.
  • Fix parsing args when activating running instance. Commit.
  • Use class name instead of instance for static method. Commit.
  • Run clang-format. Commit.
  • Properly enable QML debugging. Commit.
  • Use proper reuse CI job. Commit.
  • Fix reuse file info. Commit.
  • Move all Android files to android/. Commit.
  • Add Android version handling. Commit.
  • Use proper reuse CI job. Commit.
  • Add Android version handling. Commit.
  • Fix incorrect application icon being used. Commit.
  • Fix settings not resizing properly to contents. Commit.
  • Fix missing icon in about page and inconsistent app metadata #19. Commit.
  • Use proper reuse CI job. Commit.
  • Add missing license text. Commit.
  • Add Android version handling. Commit.
  • Use org.kde.breeze style on Android. Commit.
  • Use locally computed sunrise and lunar phase data. Commit.
  • Fix bug address. Commit.
  • Use proper reuse CI job. Commit.
  • Don't use PublicRoomsChunk::aliases. Commit.
  • Fix the switch room direction. Commit.
  • Clear the text from the user list filter in the room drawer when the room is changed. Commit.
  • It's 2022. Commit.
  • Fixe Reply or Edit from Chatbar. Commit. Fixes bug #455016
  • Compact Mode improvements. Commit. Fixes bug #454897
  • Make Right Click on Room bring up Context Menu. Commit. Fixes bug #454892
  • For all html messages \n needs to be replaces with
    or the linebreaks are lost. Commit.
  • Fix fix. Commit.
  • Don't show notifications if application is active and same room is active. Commit.
  • Fix hoverActions. Commit.
  • Fix custom emoji creation. Commit.
  • Add automatic room sidebar hiding option. Commit.
  • Add space after an autocomplete. Commit.
  • Fix compilation against libQuotient 0.6. Commit.
  • Revert "Linkify urls". Commit.
  • Adapt to libQuotient API changes. Commit.
  • Fix XML. Commit.
  • Update bug reporting urls. Commit.
  • Adds some basic mouse contorls to the quickswitcher. The icons can now be clicked to select the room and the highlight is moved to the current hovered room. Commit.
  • Appstream: define launchable. Commit.
  • Linkify urls. Commit.
  • Don't crash while trying to load last message by own user. Commit.
  • Don't escape html while posting messages. Commit.
  • Revert "Fix double quoting and missing new lines in message sent". Commit.
  • Fix rasing window when activating notifications. Commit.
  • Always send messages as HTML. Commit.
  • Fix search item being behind the roomlist in collapsed mode by moving code into ListView. Now the search item is always at the top of the list. Commit.
  • Fix scrollbar behaviour in Room List. Commit.
  • Allow disabling sending of typing notifications. Commit.
  • Fix typo. Commit.
  • Remove leftover spellchecking files. Commit.
  • Use proper reuse CI job. Commit.
  • Kde-telephony-daemon: cleanup CMakeLists.txt. Commit.
  • Use imported target for mprisqt. Commit.
  • [cellularnetwork] Use same method of toggling mobile data as shell. Commit.
  • [cellularnetwork] Fix sim lock screen card positioning. Commit.
  • Use keywords when searching. Commit.
  • Use proper reuse CI job. Commit.
  • Formatting. Commit.
  • Ensure arrow keys won't pass the string component. Commit.
  • Fix bar and tilde toolbar buttons not working. Commit.
  • Fix button colour contrast. Commit.
  • Update README. Commit.
  • Fix terminal button text being elided. Commit.
  • Use swipe gesture for page navigation. Commit.
  • Improve saved commands UX. Commit.
  • Update .kde-ci.yml. Commit.
  • Add about page #12. Commit.
  • Move QuickActionSettings.qml to correct folder. Commit.
  • Port to Kirigami.Dialog. Commit.
  • Do not ignore po/ files. Commit.
  • Alternatives for unsupported WSP content types. Commit.
  • Fix typo in method name. Commit.
  • Messagemodel: Use QUrl for url manipulation. Commit.
  • Fix param field usage from commit 265610e7. Commit.
  • Use ApplicationLauncherJob to open plasma-phonebook. Commit.
  • Make VCardConverter non-static. Commit.
  • Use destructuring syntax for tuples. Commit.
  • Add missing connectFuture call. Commit.
  • Use std::array to store arrays of constants. Commit.
  • Refactor AsyncDatabase to use QFuture return types. Commit.


  • Add Android version handling. Commit.
  • Add Android app icon. Commit.
  • Create debug categories. Commit.
  • Support nextcloud social. Commit.
  • Fix activating running instance on Wayland. Commit.
  • Add config for showing link preview. Commit.
  • Don't show attachement and card directly when the content is not visible. Commit.
  • Add link hovering. Commit.
  • Allow filtering notifications. Commit.
  • Start implementing notification view. Commit.
  • Fix minor typo. Commit.
  • Support desktop notification. Commit.
  • Add support for cards. Commit.
  • Fix rendering of reblog. Commit.
  • Use proper reuse CI job. Commit.