Plasma Mobile Gear 23.01

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In this release, the following repositories are marked as unstable:

The following independently released modules are also included in this release:

Some of these repositories are in process of KDE review and will be marked stable in upcoming releases.

  • Bump version. Commit.
  • Adapt APK build to Qt 5.15.8. Commit.
  • Add missing icon. Commit.
  • Use org.kde.breeze on android. Commit.
  • Fix code quality reports. Commit.
  • Rework application navigation, use sidebar for feed selection, and more. Commit.
  • Port from OverlaySheet to Dialog. Commit.
  • Bump version to 23.01. Commit.
  • Update rust crates. Commit.
  • Handle back / forward mouse buttons. Commit.
  • Apply 1 suggestion(s) to 1 file(s). Commit.
  • Port from OverlaySheet to Dialog. Commit.
  • Update .kde-ci.yml. Commit.
  • Add compile time Kirigami Addons dependency. Commit.
  • Port settings to mobile form, and fix some issues with mobile settings. Commit.
  • Use larger default desktop window. Commit.
  • Remove unneeded use of item clipping. Commit.
  • Use more appropriate history icon. Commit.
  • Bump to 23.01. Commit.
  • Introduce possibility to remove search from history. Commit.
  • Add index property to delegates. Commit.
  • Remove custom shaders. Commit.
  • Show song information in Drawer. Commit.
  • Update tested ytmusicapi version to 0.25.0. Commit.
  • Make menu always visible on mobile. Commit.
  • Library: Only create one SongMenu instance. Commit.
  • Remove hard coded numbers. Commit.
  • Make dropdown visually prettier. Commit.
  • Adapt to youtube changes. Commit.
  • Introduce possibility to remove songs from history. Commit.
  • Flatpak: Update pybind11. Commit.
  • Flatpak: Update dependencies. Commit.
  • SongMenu: Fix typo. Commit.
  • Blur sidebar. Commit.
  • Clear page stack before pushing pages from the sidebar. Commit.
  • Remove double header. Commit.
  • Flatpak: Update runtime to 5.15-22.08. Commit.
  • Add right padding to scroll Views. Commit.
  • Make title change color on hover. Commit.
  • Make it impossible to open the menu drawer by swiping. Commit.
  • Remove stray debug. Commit.
  • Fix displaying artists in history page. Commit.
  • Add Sidebar. Commit.
  • Add new scrennshots to appdata file. Commit.
  • Fix warning about unused typedef. Commit.
  • Support ytmusicapi 0.24.1. Commit.
  • Add flatpak CI. Commit.
  • Fix blurry album covers. Commit.
  • Fix passing artists to the menu. Commit.
  • Disable horizontal scralling making touch gestures work with lyrics. Commit.
  • Move menu to a drawer when on mobile. Commit.
  • Animate play symbol on hover. Commit.
  • Fix list entries from going over the media player. Commit.
  • Make tab list overflow on small screen. Commit.
  • Don't allow building with old ytmusicapi versions. Commit.
  • Don't try to fetch lyrics when no track is playing. Commit.
  • Optimize memory usage. Commit.
  • Fix flatpak build. Commit.
  • Bump version to 23.01. Commit.
  • Update appdata to 23.01. Commit.
  • Export main activity as required by Android 12. Commit.
  • Remove plasma-framework from CI deps. Commit.
  • Use popHiddenPages. Commit.
  • Update flatpak package hash. Commit.
  • Use latest versions of deps for flatpak. Commit.
  • Add Flatpak CI. Commit.
  • Update min cmake version. Commit.
  • Bump project version to 23.01. Commit.
  • Update appdata to 23.01. Commit.
  • Have history view font size react to window size. Commit.
  • Do not show button hover color on mobile. Commit.
  • Refactor number button so that the hover color shows consistently. Commit.
  • Add group separators to numbers. Commit.
  • Make font size react to window size. Commit.
  • Keep beginning part of long input visible if it was moved from result. Commit.
  • Fix backspace not capturing the whole part entered previously. Commit.
  • Add ability to copy text from the expression and result. Commit.
  • Adjust sizing so that input text and result text do not overlap when using in landscape mode. Commit.
  • Have function drawer close after pressing a button. Commit.
  • Make button fontsize larger so they remain legible in landscape orientation. Commit.
  • .kde-ci.yml test using cppcheck. Commit.
  • .gitignore sync from KDE Framework kconfig's .gitignore. Commit.
  • Knumbertest cppcheck ignore "Same expression on both sides of '/'". Commit.
  • CMakeLists.txt cmake_minimum_required should be first line of CMakeLists.txt file. Commit.
  • Refactor AboutData qml registration. Commit.
  • Fix indicator, title translation and history traversal. Commit.
  • Use popHiddenPages. Commit.
  • Update flatpak runtime. Commit.
  • Add flatpak CI. Commit.
  • Bump version to 23.01. Commit.
  • Update appstream data for 23.01 release. Commit.
  • Fix showing chapters on mobile playercontrols. Commit.
  • Also add clickable timestamps to mobile player controls. Commit.
  • Make timestamps in entry contents clickable, like chapter marks. Commit. Fixes bug #446358
  • Make things clickable (showing a PointingHandCursor). Commit.
  • Only set QT_ENABLE_GLYPH_CACHE_WORKAROUND on arm. Commit. Fixes bug #463383
  • [KMediaSession] Put compilation of example player behind switch. Commit.
  • Header bar redesign. Commit. Fixes bug #457846. See bug #458331
  • Update CMakeLists.txt. Commit.
  • Changes for android build with qt-5.15.8. Commit.
  • Solve issue of filter InlineMessages not showing up. Commit.
  • Port c++ to qt6. Commit.
  • Fix minor issue with network connect check in AudioManager. Commit.
  • Revert disabling video on gstreamer. Commit.
  • Limit feed description to two lines until the "show more" button is pressed. Commit. Fixes bug #461216
  • Fix playback speed mobile dialog. Commit.
  • [Android] gradle packaging fixes. Commit.
  • [KMediaSession] disable video output for now. Commit.
  • [KMediaSession] Implement dynamic audio backend framework. Commit. Fixes bug #462358
  • Bump KF minimum version to 5.102.0. Commit.
  • [Android] Fix gradle plugin version issue with qt >= 5.15.8. Commit.
  • Use pragma once everywhere. Commit.
  • Install cloud playback icon to system. Commit.
  • Workaround for exact slider handle positioning. Commit.
  • Add missing icon to CMakeLists.txt for inclusion in android. Commit.
  • Use drawer height. Commit.
  • Use higher sidebar listview threshold. Commit.
  • Fix footer and use list view for small heights. Commit.
  • Use display property. Commit.
  • NavigationTabButton based sidebar. Commit.
  • Use pageStack.popHiddenPages. Commit.
  • Update flatpak kde sdk to 5.15-22.08. Commit.
  • Pass null as entry to chaptermodel if there is no current track. Commit.
  • Fix missing checkbox state. Commit.
  • Prefer portrait orientation when using square window. Commit. Fixes bug #460859
  • Update Commit.
  • Disable subscribe button when feed has been added. Commit. Fixes bug #458560
  • Make chapter dialog larger. Commit.
  • Add and use Chapter class. Commit.
  • Load chapter images from tags and show in user interface. Commit.
  • Improve ChapterModel's gammarayability. Commit.
  • Fix RTL layout bugs. Commit. Fixes bug #461230
  • Move Error log from dialog overlay to dedicated settings page. Commit.
  • Use more appropriate info icon. Commit.
  • Add third-party deps to .kde-ci.yml. Commit.
  • Add missing Debian qtsvg dependency to Commit.
  • Fix bracket. Commit.
  • Save settings to file whenever any setting changes. Commit.
  • Add stable kirigami-addons dep to CI conf files. Commit.
  • Update .kde-ci.yml. Commit.
  • Add kirigami-addons dependency to Commit.
  • Add strict Kirigami Addons compile time dependency. Commit.
  • Fix typo in sync settings form. Commit.
  • Fix separator behaviour. Commit.
  • Port synchronization settings page. Commit.
  • Use trailing components in form. Commit.
  • Port settings to MobileForm components. Commit.
  • Bump version to 23.01. Commit.
  • Update appstream metadata for 23.01. Commit.
  • Fix timer add one minute button. Commit. Fixes bug #464252
  • Also extract i18n from js files. Commit.
  • Add plasma-mobile-sounds to flatpak. Commit.
  • Update flatpak and fix sound. Commit.
  • Use slightly wider sidebar. Commit.
  • Update flatpak runtime. Commit.
  • Add some keywords to desktop file. Commit.
  • Use NavigationTabBar styled sidebar, simplifying code and reducing width. Commit.
  • Bump minimum KF5 version. Commit.
  • Use popHiddenPages. Commit.
  • Correct flatpak manifest. Commit.
  • Add Flatpak CI. Commit.
  • Bump version to 23.01. Commit.
  • Add equality operators for certificates. Commit.
  • Use ecm_set_disabled_deprecation_versions. Commit.
  • Make passing unit tests mandatory on all platforms. Commit.
  • Add Windows CI. Commit.
  • Bump version to 23.01. Commit.
  • Use versionpostfixless KF requirement variable name. Commit.
  • Adapt APK build to Qt 5.15.8. Commit.
  • Set AppStream bug tracker URL to new Bugzilla component. Commit.
  • Use ecm_set_disabled_deprecation_versions. Commit.
  • Bump version to 23.01. Commit.
  • Update appdata for 23.01. Commit.
  • Adapt APK build to Qt 5.15.8. Commit.
  • Use popHiddenPages. Commit.
  • Use proper arrangement of record dialog buttons. Commit.
  • Adjust vorbis visualization. Commit.
  • Take font size into account when determining if widescreen. Commit.
  • Revert "Use popHiddenPages". Commit.
  • Use popHiddenPages. Commit.
  • Remove blur. Commit.
  • Update flatpak runtime. Commit.
  • Correct flatpak manifest. Commit.
  • Add Flatpak CI. Commit.
  • Bump cmake version to 23.01. Commit.
  • Add release notes for 23.01. Commit.
  • Add padding to the right of the timeline delegate highlight same as left. Commit.
  • Chatbar Refactor. Commit.
  • Remove execute bit from LICENSE file. Commit.
  • Move the qt models to their own folder. Commit.
  • Improve link regex to fix handling paranthesis and question marks. Commit.
  • Change placeholder text to make it clear that it's going to be a caption. Commit.
  • Activate window first thing when clicking on notification. Commit.
  • Adapt APK build to Qt 5.15.8. Commit.
  • Avoid logout when loginError caused by network error. Commit.
  • Hide the time header in chats if it would be transparent. Commit.
  • Also handle notification startupId on X11. Commit.
  • Improve global notification settings. Commit.
  • Fix crash when open invitation page. Commit.
  • Fix crash on invite via /invite command. Commit.
  • Update userlistmodel permission roles. Commit.
  • Change message shown when encryption is disabled in libQuotient. Commit.
  • Notifications for all accounts. Commit.
  • Write inside .cache folder in home, instead of just home. Commit.
  • Fix falsely treat some symbols as emoji. Commit.
  • Fix last message read receipt reporting time in GMT instead of localtime. Commit.
  • Move encrypt room option to Security page. Commit.
  • Use local file path instead of url. Commit.
  • Move invite option to header of members section. Commit.
  • Fix SSO login button needs to click twice to open login URL. Commit.
  • Room Settings - Permissions. Commit.
  • Fix building room test on windows. Commit.
  • Fix Ctrl + F not working. Commit. Fixes bug #462524
  • Add the Microsoft Store URL. Commit.
  • Make space list smaller. Commit.
  • Remove stary consol.log statement. Commit.
  • Improve the sizing of notification count with longer numbers. Commit.
  • Fix from and to is not defined in NetworkProxyPage. Commit.
  • Add room upgrade button. Commit.
  • Move room actions out of RoomDrawer header. Commit.
  • Support opening space in room list. Commit.
  • Add QCoro to third-party deps. Commit.
  • Fix Room Initial Position. Commit. Fixes bug #456647
  • Add room id and room version to room settings. Commit.
  • Allow set room join rule to knock. Commit.
  • Improve fileDelegate. Commit. Fixes bug #463327
  • Support inviting people from UserDetailDialog. Commit.
  • Use the correct config option for 'In sidebar'. Commit. Fixes bug #463512
  • Fix icons only mode. Commit. Fixes bug #462576
  • Add a compact room list option. Commit.
  • Improve UserDetailDialog. Commit.
  • Fix uploading files. Commit. Fixes bug #462751
  • Improve timeline image sizing. Commit.
  • Implement searching in rooms. Commit. Fixes bug #457839
  • Fix roompage sectionBanner visible check. Commit.
  • Set the page title for room/space settings windows. Commit.
  • Remove no longer existed property. Commit.
  • Remove duplicate headers between cpp/h files. Commit.
  • Process KDBusService before loading QML. Commit.
  • Make sure the function createRoomListContextMenu doesn't make the roomlist settings button visible on mobile. Commit.
  • Fix code formatting. Commit.
  • Now allow links to be clicked in replies. Commit.
  • Show a Qt.PointingHandCursor when hovering over a reply. Commit.
  • Fix the hover text for add alias button. Commit.
  • Require QCoro 0.4. Commit.
  • Hide loading item and show info message when on the devices page and not logged in. Commit.
  • Fix crash when opening notification settings with no account by making sure that the keyword model doesn't try to update the noficiation settings when there is no active connection. Commit.
  • Add missing icons to CMakeLists.txt so they are available on mobile. Commit.
  • Don't show the settings button in the RoomListPage if on mobile. Commit.
  • Add third-party deps to .kde-ci.yml. Commit.
  • Move check for RoomPage being visible on the pagestack to enabled so the RoomDrawer can't be swiped on mobile. Commit.
  • Move tones data to another file to workaround msvc bigobj issue. Commit.
  • Add description for emoji. Commit.
  • Add Quick Reaction to EmojiDialog. Commit.
  • Remove \r\n linebreaks in roomlist subtitles. Commit. Fixes bug #462575
  • Feat: support proxy user and password. Commit.
  • Improve sizing of emoji delegate. Commit.
  • Use EmojiDialog popup in chatbar. Commit.
  • Improve emojis & reactions. Commit.
  • Remove Keys from FullScreenImage. Commit.
  • Use more commonly-used emoji shortname. Commit.
  • Fix cursorShape for avatar in StateDelegate. Commit. Fixes bug #454893
  • Fix file size when uploading files. Commit. Fixes bug #462416
  • Fix: add missing QQC2 for InviteUserPage. Commit.
  • Add icons for the appx bundle for the Microsoft Store. Commit.
  • Try fixing windows icon. Commit.
  • Hide account switcher in collapsed roomlist mode. Commit.
  • Bump version to 23.01. Commit.
  • Drop request of a QtFeedback minimum version in kde-telephony-daemon/src/CMakeLists.txt. Commit.
  • Complete Keywords line in Commit.
  • Fix typo on libcallaudio version in kde-telephony-daemon/src/CMakeLists.txt (0.1.4, not 1.0.4). Commit.
  • Drop Encoding= line in Commit.
  • Bump KF5 version to 5.101. Commit.
  • Use popHiddenPages. Commit.
  • Make sidebar slightly wider. Commit.
  • Use NavigationTabButton in sidebar. Commit.
  • Disable multiple page columns. Commit.
  • Fix settings page animation. Commit.
  • Bump version to 23.01. Commit.
  • Update appdata to 23.01. Commit.
  • Export main activity as required by Android 12. Commit.
  • Fix typo in kpeopleactionsplugin.cpp (messanger -> messenger). Commit.
  • Add keyowrds to org.kde.phonebook.desktop. Commit.
  • Make note attribute of contacts visible and editable. Commit.
  • Bump version to 23.01. Commit.
  • Update appdata to 23.01. Commit.
  • Change bugtracker URL to new Bugzilla product. Commit.
  • Fix license. Commit.
  • Update flatpak recipes. Commit.
  • Add proper fullscreen support. Commit.
  • Add delegate animation. Commit.
  • Use widescreen layout on video player. Commit.
  • Fix FreeBSD compile. Commit.
  • Update license and make compile with Qt6. Commit.
  • Switch from QtMultimedia to libmpv. Commit.
  • Ensure video player is draggable. Commit.
  • Use grid view on search page. Commit.
  • Properly hide and show video controls. Commit.
  • Add grid view for videos. Commit.
  • Rework and improve video player page. Commit.
  • Add always pinned video player. Commit.
  • Fix license. Commit.
  • Move to sidebar layout. Commit.
  • Update appdata for 23.01. Commit.
  • Copy keywords from konsole into org.kde.qmlkonsole.desktop. Commit.
  • Show key toolbar if in tablet mode. Commit.
  • Spawn a host shell inside flatpak. Commit.
  • Add more context for keyboard keys. Commit.
  • Gitignore: add QtCreator (CMakeLists.txt.user). Commit.
  • Update flatpak runtime. Commit.
  • Require CMake 3.16. Commit.
  • Bump minimum KF5 version. Commit.
  • Use popHiddenPages. Commit.
  • Add CLI args support. Commit.
  • Add flatpak CI. Commit.
  • Bump cmake version to 23.01. Commit.
  • Use modem country code for formatting numbers. Commit.
  • Use Bugzilla instead of invent for Bug reporting address. Commit.
  • Remove modemmanager dependency from front-end app. Commit.
  • Add X- to custom desktop file categories. Commit.
  • Update readme and app description. Commit.
  • Fake user agent for carrier network compatibility. Commit.
  • Use qtquickcompiler to speed up launch times. Commit.
  • Verify that received message timestamps are valid. Commit.
  • Performance improvements. Commit.
  • Add kirigami-addons dep. Commit.
  • Port to MobileForm. Commit.
  • Add QCoro to third-party deps. Commit.
  • Improve how the members of a conversation are displayed. Commit.
  • Get interface name and dns servers directly from modem. Commit.
  • Fix contacts list scrolling not working. Commit.
  • Move MMS networking logic into daemon. Commit.
  • Add .gitignore. Commit.
  • Move send message logic into daemon. Commit.
  • Handle missing url id in notification messages. Commit.
  • Bump cmake version to 23.01. Commit.
  • TV Spielfilm fetcher: add setting for prefetch period. Commit.
  • TV Spielfilm fetcher: update channel only after fetching everything. Commit.
  • Fix code quality issues. Commit.
  • Extract data provisioning from fetchers to separate classes. Commit.
  • Add TvSpielfilmFetcher benchmark. Commit.
  • Fix code quality. Commit.
  • Add XmltvFetcher unit test. Commit.
  • Add UI settings. Commit.
  • Use KConfig singleton. Commit.
  • XMLTV fetcher: improve log if file cannot be opened. Commit.
  • Use LGPL-2.1-or-later. Commit.
  • TV Spielfilm fetcher: parse start/stop times from progress bar. Commit.
  • Database: cleanup programs in far future. Commit.
  • TV Spielfilm fetcher: rework early stop if program exists already. Commit.
  • Remove unused includes. Commit.
  • Set missing copyright texts. Commit.
  • TV Spielfilm fetcher: fix time zone handling. Commit. Fixes bug #463658
  • Add TvSpielfilmFetcher unit test. Commit.
  • Set copyright text. Commit.
  • TV Spielfilm fetcher: do not use QtXml. Commit.
  • Enable Windows Qt6 CI. Commit.
  • Enable FreeBSD Qt6 CI. Commit.
  • README: add Flathub badge. Commit.
  • Improve QNetworkAccessManager usage. Commit.
  • TV Spielfilm fetcher: fix missing channel icons. Commit.
  • TV Spielfilm fetcher: show simultaneous programs. Commit.
  • TV Spielfilm fetcher: fix fetching order (tomorrow to yesterday). Commit.
  • TV Spielfilm fetcher: fix pagination handling. Commit.
  • Enable Android Qt6 CI. Commit.
  • Do not use KCrash on Android. Commit.
  • Add kconfig in ci. Commit.
  • Bump cmake version to 23.01. Commit.
  • De-duplicate certificates. Commit.
  • Prepare CertificatesModel for importing via barcode scanning. Commit.
  • Adapt APK build to Qt 5.15.8. Commit.
  • Also process command line options. Commit.
  • Correct initialize app. Commit.
  • Add Qt 6 Windows CI. Commit.
  • Work around ZXing 1.4.0 failing on one of the unit tests. Commit.
  • Implement removal support in CertificateModel. Commit.