Multirom setup

Supported devices : Nexus 5 (hammerhead)

State: Very Experimental, Experimental, Base works, Solid, Good, Excellent

MultiROM is useful tool for installing multiple ROM’s on your android device. Its like dual booting your laptop or Desktop.

More Information can be found on


To install Plasma Mobile with MultiROM setup, first install MultiROM from instructions given in above links. Then follow steps given below,

  • Download and install the stripped CyanogenMod as you would install normal android ROM in MultiROM recovery.
  • Reboot to newly installed ROM.
  • Download the flashtool and use it to install Plasma Mobile.

git clone

cd pm-flashtool

./flash-multirom -c

  • Tool will be download all the required files and in cache/ subdir of pm-flashtool. and it will reboot into Plasma Mobile once it is done downloading and flashing.