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Ecossistema de telemóveis seguro, de código aberto e com respeito da privacidade

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Plasma Mobile is an open-source user interface for mobile devices developed by the KDE community. The project works with various Linux distributions to bring an open platform to your mobile device.

Built on the foundations of Plasma Desktop, Plasma Mobile brings its flexibility to a mobile form factor.

Plasma Desktop
Plasma Mobile

Community Powered

The most common offerings on mobile devices lack openness and trust. In a world of walled gardens, we want to create a platform that respects and protects the user’s privacy to the fullest, built by the community. We want to provide a fully open base which others can help develop and use for themselves, or in their products.

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KWin e o KWayland

Wayland is the next-generation protocol for delivering cutting-edge user interfaces. KWin is KDE's battle-tested window manager which implements Wayland, delivering a polished and reliable experience on both the desktop and mobile devices.


Tirar total partido do Código Aberto

Plasma Mobile utilizes established projects in the Linux desktop ecosystem.
ModemManager provides telephony and PulseAudio/PipeWire drives the Plasma Mobile sound system.


Adaptação às suas necessidades

Baseando-se no ambiente de trabalho mais flexível do mundo, significa que pode tornar o seu telemóvel realmente seu. Adicione e modifique elementos, mudar esquemas de cores, tipos de letra e muito, muito mais.