General Tips

If your phone is connected via usb and running Plasma Mobile, it can be remote controlled from the attached computer via command line:

$ adb root
$ adb shell
$ lxc-stop -n system
(*) stopping the lxc can take 1-2 minutes.
$ lxc-start -n system -F

This stops and restarts the lxc container with the linux root system to be accessible in the -F Foreground.
Once it displays “nm-dispatcher: req-2: ‘connectivity-change’: completed: no scripts”, just press ENTER
Now you can log in with user “phablet” and password “1234”.

You can then resize the /-root partition, to be able to install more programs:

$ sudo resize-root-partition
$ sudo reboot

To easily establish a wifi connection, execute:

$ wifi-setup SSID PASSWORD

** Notes:

  • Root-Password on the phone is ‘1234’.