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Plasma 行動是行動裝置用的開源使用者介面與生態系,建構於 KDE Plasma 軟體之上。


Plasma 行動希望實作開放標準並為其貢獻,以透明方式開發,歡迎所有人參與。


Yes! Plasma Mobile is packaged in multiple distribution repositories, and so it can be installed on regular x86 based devices for testing.

Have an old Android device? postmarketOS, is a project aiming to bring Linux to phones and offers Plasma Mobile as an available interface for the devices it supports. You can see the list of supported devices here, but on any device outside the main and community categories your mileage may vary. Some supported devices include the OnePlus 6, Pixel 3a and PinePhone.

此介面使用 Wayland 上的 KWin,目前大致上穩定,不過某些地方還有點瑕疵。它提供普通 KDE Plasma 的功能的一部分,包含元件和活動,這兩個都整合在 Plasma 行動的使用者介面中。這讓您能夠用桌面/筆電來為 Plasma 行動進行開發。


We aim to provide an experience (with both the shell and apps) that can provide a basic smartphone experience. This has mostly been accomplished, but we continue to work on improving shell stability and telephony support.

You can find a list of mobile friendly KDE applications here. Of course, any Linux-based applications can also be used in Plasma Mobile.


Plasma 行動的各個部件的原始碼在 上面可以看到。

關於 Plasma 各軟體和其他東西如何組合而成的細節,請閱讀貢獻者說明文件

您也可以在 Plasma 行動的社群群組和頻道問您的問題。