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取得 Plasma 行動

Plasma 行動可以安裝在數個 Linux 發行版上。


ARM 裝置用的發行版


PostmarketOS (pmOS), is a Alpine Linux based distribution for mobile devices. View the device list to see the progress for supporting your device.

For devices that do not have prebuilt images, you will need to flash it manually using the pmbootstrap utility. Follow instructions here. Be sure to also check the device's wiki page for more information on what is working.

PostmarketOS also provides a nightly repository that tracks Plasma development, and is used by developers.

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Debian (Mobian)

Debian provides a basic set of packages related to plasma-mobile in its repositories since release 12, codenamed bookworm. The packaging effort is continuing even after the release of bookworm, allowing a broader set of packages to be available.

Thanks to the efforts of the developers of Mobian project (a mobile derivative of Debian), flashable images based on Plasma Mobile are now available!

Instructions to manually install Plasma mobile on existing Debian systems can be found on Debian wiki.

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Arch Linux ARM (Unofficial)

Arch Linux ARM has been ported to the PinePhone and PineTab by the DanctNIX community.


Manjaro ARM

Manjaro ARM 是 ARM 裝置用的 Manjaro 發行版。它基於 Arch Linux ARM,並包含 Manjaro 自己的工具、主題和基礎建設,讓將映像檔安裝到您的 ARM 裝置變得較為容易。

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Kupfer Linux is an Arch Linux ARM derived distribution aiming to provide tooling that makes it easier for developers to port devices to it.

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Sineware ProLinux

ProLinux is a GNU/Linux distribution with an immutable root filesystem, an A/B updating scheme, Flatpak-first app distribution model, and a unified API surface to interact with the OS.

Plasma 6 development images are currently available, built from git.

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openSUSE(前身為 SUSE Linux 及 SuSE Linux Professional)是由 SUSE Linux GmbH 和其他公司贊助的 Linux 發行版。目前 openSUSE 提供基於 Tumbleweed 的 Plasma 行動建置版。

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This is a work in progress, stay tuned! Join the Fedora Mobility matrix channel to get details on the progress. Links to testing images can be found in the channel.

x86 裝置用的發行版


postmarketOS is able to be run in QEMU, and thus is a suitable option for testing a fully pre-configured Plasma Mobile environment on your computer.

Read more about it here. During the setup process, select Plasma Mobile as the desktop environment.


Fedora 軟體庫中有打包 Plasma 行動和相關的應用程式。

安裝 plasma-mobile 軟體包。


Plasma Mobile is available in Debian unstable as the plasma-mobile package.

Arch Linux

Plasma 行動可以從 AUR 上取得。

KDE Neon


這個基於 KDE Neon 的映像檔可以用來在非 Android 的平板、電腦和虛擬機上進行測試。可以在此下載